You’re Making Me Blush….

Liberata Dolce Polyvore Blogger Style Fall Fashion Valentino Romantic Flirty 2015

A classic Bombshell look.

Soft.  Sexy.  And hugs every curve like it should.

With an unexpected statement necklace so bold, I had to style an entire outfit around it.

Featuring a bag from Valentino, and classic gladiator heels from Giuseppe Zanotti, this is THE ultimate in sexy sophistication.

Try to keep his hands off you…

You're Making Me Blush....

Glamorous white summer shirt
$23 –

Pink skirt
$29 –

Givenchy wrap around bracelet
$610 –

Brown jewelry
$200 –

Michael Kors red gold ring
$140 –

Coin necklace

Christian dior lip gloss

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