Why You Need To Work With Joshua Paull…

I first met Joshua on an assignment coordinated through Prolific Quarterly.  Walking into his place, it didn’t take long for his kind demeanor and genuine enthusiasm for the task ahead to make me feel right at home.  And that’s a big deal when you have to rely on your creative energy.  In other words, attitude is everything.  But even more impressive was his open mind and willing attitude throughout the shoot.  Never once did I hear him turn down one of the many suggestions or opinions being thrown at him.  And for those of you familiar with the industry, you can understand just how refreshing that is.

And for those of you who aren’t, well, here’s an idea from a Stylist’s perspective….

As a Fashion Coordinator, it is imperative for me to have a clear idea of the shoot ahead long before the actual event takes place.  This is critical not only while selecting and pulling the pieces that will be used for the shoot, but to also lay out the sequence the pieces will be shot in so it makes the most sense to the reader.

In other words, I’m creating a story.

So by the time the shoot happens, that story has now become a novel.  A novel that until now has only come to life in my mind.  And all that’s left is for it to physically unfold.  But of course, this never happens without the usual problems.  Problems that can sometimes be predicted but never determined until the model is dressed and in front of the camera.  Maybe something just isn’t working right…  Or staying in place…  Or reflecting light badly…  Whatever the reason, this is also when the suggestions or opinions start rolling in.  By everyone.  And the energy can shift dramatically.  Sometimes in an unfavorable or counterproductive direction.

This is also when a true professional will come through and handle business like a boss.

Because when you work with a team, everyone has their own unique angle and vision on how they see the final result.  That’s part of the creative process, regardless of your role.  But the real magic happens when everyone can work together, and all those visions can be blended into one final stunning image.  From the stylist, to the MUAH, to the photographer.  However, no one has more say so, or more pressure on them than the one operating the camera.

And Joshua knocked it out of the park.

So with that initial experience, I was excited to work with him again.  This time, the shoot was more personal, with an emphasis on an extreme beauty concept.  With my MUAH, the amazing Corrine Dale (see contact information below), we collaborated and dreamed up a series of shots that would focus on Corrine’s incredible creative abilities.

And because of Joshua’s patience and professionalism from the prior shoot, I knew he was perfect for this concept.  No rushing, no pressure.  These things are hard enough to achieve during your average fashion shoot, where changing outfits is your biggest challenge.  But when you ALSO have to dramatically change the hair and makeup between each look, things can get complicated.


However, none of that even hinted to becoming an issue, and each look flew by effortlessly.  This is no doubt a reflection of my team that day.  Even Chic Norris made her modeling debut (I think there’s a real future for her…), giving all of us the opportunity to try something new.  Because that’s exactly what each shoot should offer, regardless of the role you’re playing in it, or the level of skill you currently possess.

Growth.  Experience.  And of course, success.

And thanks to an exciting and energetic environment, that is exactly what we got that day.  And then some.

So thank you, Corrine and Joshua for not only delivering, but for exceeding my expectations.

Chic’s too!


To book your shoot, please visit:   Joshua Paull Photography

 For MUAH inquiries, please visit:  CorrineDale.com

dsc_0527 dsc_0117 liberata dolce

Photographer: Joshua Paull MUAH: Corrine Dale
Photographer: Joshua Paull
MUAH: Corrine Dale

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