White Hot

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If there’s one thing that fashion and beauty bloggers have in common, its probably our fear of white.

Personally, I’ve successfully avoided the color for years now.  For no other reason than I’ve never been able to keep anything I’ve put on that was white to actually remain white through out the day.  And if I ever needed a reminder, any guy I’ve dated that was dumb enough to wear white with me could provide it.  Really- you guys should know better by now.  Bottom line, I’m a high maintenance girl.

Yeah- I said it.

Between bronzers, makeup, tinted lotions… you get the point.  But besides all that, I’ve never really felt like I was missing out on much.  I spend most of my mornings dutifully adding and applying color to myself- why then put on something completely devoid of it?

So again, I never felt like I was missing out on anything… until now.

Its no shock with summer around the corner that white is once again having a moment.  But its different this time.  There’s something sexier about it.  It feels bold.  Refreshing.  Even… powerful.  Or maybe it just took me this long to realize what a brave color it is to actually pull off.  And I’m not referring to the dirt factor.  I mean that it truly takes a certain level of confidence to wear white because it offers no other visual distractions from… well, you.

How’s that for deep?

But back to the point.  Going back to Spring’s Fashion Weeks, white was actually a big factor.  Everyone from Balmain to Balenciaga to Chanel to Ralph Russo featured stunning all-white looks in their collections.  But we got so caught up in vibrant prints and insane accessories, that they never got the credit they deserved.  Don’t get me wrong- we’re still every bit obsessed with prints.  And accessories.  Especially accessories.  But sometimes its nice just to give “extreme” a rest, and stand out with a clean, monochromatic look instead.

And don’t worry if white’s still not your thing.  There were actually a few colors that had exceptional monochromatic moments that I only recently revisited.  It took about a second of fashion boredom for me to look back at my archives and suddenly I felt re-inspired.  Inspired by simplicity, of all things.  The simplicity of eliminating the frustration of successfully mixing prints in my life (even if it was only for a day).

The simplicity of making a statement by not trying to make a statement at all.

The simplicity of reducing any further complications- because sometimes, life is hard enough.

But above all….

….the simplicity of wearing any single, solid color simply because its gorgeous.

Or because it makes you feel amazing.

And who doesn’t need a little more of that in their day?

So next time you feel like you’re in a fashion rut- just stop.  Stop all of it.  Take a step back.  And keep it simple.  Don’t over-complicate something that should be a natural reflection of who you are.  And who knows… you might just surprise yourself at how fabulous you really are.  With or without prints.


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