A Perfect Lie…

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And welcome to my “mlog”.

It seems fitting that my first post should be more of a description of that very word.  A preface of sorts.  A reason to anticipate crave the next post.

Model + Blog = Mlog

Clever, right?

You see, I believe I have a talent.  And it’s not modeling.  Its COLLABORATING.  The thrill of each shoot isn’t the shoot itself.  Its the pulling of wardrobe.  Its the collecting of pieces.  Its breathing life into the ideas in my head.  Down to every little detail.  The images are simply the final result.  The climax.

The images are me.  And by “me” I’m referring to that person in your head you wish you could be.  Not because you cant- but because you’re afraid.  Have you ever found yourself saying “I could never pull that off….”?   THAT is you making an excuse.  And that is what I hope to change.


Because you deserve to know that YOU are fucking gorgeous.  And as long as you believe that, you can pull off any look your fierce little heart desires.

I have a gut instinct that I follow.  From shopping, to getting ready for work, to prepping for a shoot, to lounging like a goddess at home.  That instinct is a mixture of the tone that I want to set, and the foundation of how I want to feel.  In other words- expression.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

So I’m going to share all my secrets with you.  In a series of fashion adventures.  Whether its packing for NYC, shooting in Miami, or date night in Tampa (yes, I kiss and tell…).   And while you may regret the guy, you will never regret how you looked.  Because this is about YOU.

And because I believe in details, each post will include a song to help further set the tone.  Because I don’t shoot or dress without music.  And maybe a few other things, too…

So get ready Bombshell- I’m going to expose myself in the hopes of inspiring you to not only just pull it off, but to own it.

And with that, I will leave you my first rule:

1.  Don’t EVER concern yourself with what others think.


There is a huge difference in how you make others feel, and how you let others make you feel.  If I worried about what every bitch thought of me, I’d be just that- another worried bitch.  And quite frankly, I feel the world has enough of those.  So brush them off.  Embrace the fact that if you are going to live your life as strong, confident, beautiful female (or as a fine ass male) you WILL have critics.  That’s good.  Embrace them.  They are your biggest fans.

Live your life for you.  Dress for you.  Date for you.


Get used to seeing that.

Now, take in everything you read here.  Let it sink in.  Start thinking of all those amazing things you have wanted to do/try/wear/say, but haven’t found the reason to yet.

Because THIS is your reason.


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