Summer Playlist

Liberata Dolce fashion style coachella bohemian bombshell

While trends and men come and go, one thing that will never change is my belief in this-

The greatest accessory in life is music.

Quoted in TIME Magazine in 1952, even Marilyn understood the importance of it-

“Its not true I had nothing on.  I had the radio on.”

Maybe its a Bombshell thing?

Liberata Dolce fashion style coachella bohemian

You see, I have never been able to label myself, nor define myself by one style alone.  Because many factors influence me daily.  The biggest being what I begin my day listening to.  For instance-

French jazz for when I’m feeling seductive.

Lounge for the designer in me.

Acoustic Alternative for my festival hippie side.

And so my tip for you is this-

The first thing you should put on every morning is the song you want to set your overall energy to for the day.


Below is a playlist created just for you.  As a music fest junkie, this is my FAVORITE season (Hello, Coachella!).  And my trademark bohemian style is a reflection of that.  So this is a collection of personally selected tracks to bring that same free spirit energy to you, all summer long.

Liberata Dolce fashion style coachella bohemian bombshell

From the soundtrack to my life, to you.




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