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Liberata Dolce summer trends summer 2015 bohemian


Liberata Dolce Paris Fashion Week Chloe

Though summer has already started, I just made my debut.

So lets start by catching up on the biggest trends this season.  From lustful faves by Chloe and Emilio Pucci, to binge-worthy summer staples by Free People, I’ve got your Beach Goddess look covered this season.

And its EXACTLY how we picture summer.

Below is your cheat sheet to the hottest looks of the season.  Wear them one at a time, or be bold and mix multiple statements together in one look.  Remember Bombshell- style is about expression.  Think about what you want to say.

Oh- you just came back from the Hamptons?  Monochromatic white is ALL you.

You’re a man-eating female on the hunt?  Find the loudest, boldest print to ensure every eye is on you.

See what I mean?

And now, in no particular order, here are our winners for Summer 2015:

LACE We’re talking dresses so sheer and delicate you’ll wonder how they stay on.  At least, till you’ll want them to come off.

Liberata Dolce paris fashion week summer 2015 chloe bohemian

Liberata Dolce paris fashion week 2015 chloe bohemian lace

BOLD PRINTS bonus points if you mix them.  Even animal print is okay in little pops.  Remember- the key is to keep the look more boho, and less safari.  Or Jersey.

Liberata Dolce Paris Fashion Week Emilio Pucci

SILVER  the bigger, the better (#bombshellcode).  Seriously.  Let them speak for themselves.  Find a necklace so big that wearing anything under it is simply out of habit.

Liberata Dolce Bohemian summer trends 2015

MONOKINIS there is literally NO limit to how sexy these can get.  While I was never one for the high waisted look, I can not get enough of these sexy one pieces.

Who ever thought you would say that??

Liberata Dolce summer trends summer 2015 bohemian

BOHEMIAN  Bet you thought this look was over?  Me too.  And I was dreading it.  I was clutching on to my turquoise till the dirty end.  Fortunately, it shows no signs of going ANYWHERE.  In fact, it’s only just started.  Chloe SLAYED it this year, with looks from Paris Fashion Week that still make my knees weak.  And their Resort 2016 line promises to be even MORE awe-inducing.

Liberata Dolce Paris fashion week 2015 chloe bohemian

Liberata Dolce bohemian free people summer trend 2015

WHITE-  Hair.  Clothes.  Accessories.  EVERYTHING.

And the contrast between white accessories and tan skin is utterly gorgeous.  But bronzer users- proceed with caution.

Liberata Dolce

So how do we tie this all together?  First, start HERE to see what I’m swooning over.

Next, recover.  I told you these looks were insane.

Now lets talk beauty.  And by beauty, I mean tan.  Its the most important accessory you’ll need this summer.  UV rays not necessary.  FINALLY, the world has started to make sense by creating self-tanners that actually look (and smell) like the real thing.  I have tried them all (you can thank me later after you’ve skipped the whole nuclear orange phase) and there was only one winner.  Streak-free hands down.  Thank you St Tropez for making all my tanning dreams come evenly true.  Visit here to see for yourselves.

Now don’t forget to give good face.  I have a whole post dedicated to the perfect summer look HERE.  Its effortless.  Its sexy.  Its PERFECT.

So there you go, bombshell.  You’re ready to strut your smokin’ self where ever summer’s adventures may lead you.  Have fun, take risks and love life.  The sexiest thing you will ever wear is your confidence.

So own it.

And remember that when in doubt, always, ALWAYS go with the outfit that first comes to mind.



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