Spring ’16 Fashion Sets

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Many of you are already aware of the fashion playground known as Polyvore.

For those not yet familiar, I’ll explain.  And apologize in advance.  As it will quickly become your new favorite addiction.

Regardless of your creative passion- interior design, fashion, beauty- Polyvore allows you to create your very own personalized sets and collections of whatever you desire, however you desire.  The more you create, the higher you rank.  And the higher you advance through different levels, not only do you gain more exposure (literally all over the world), but you could even earn the chance to go to Fashion Week.

Not a bad deal for doing something you already love, right?

But why do I really love it??  Much like taking notes while studying, Polyvore allows me to visually map out my observations and predictions on current and upcoming trends while giving me the opportunity to test my own style ideas.   Not to mention the designers and brands I discovered as a result is a reward in itself.

Its kind of like playing dress up, but with virtually anything you want.  Plus, its no secret I’m a bit of a shopping addict- so this is extremely useful in satisfying those inconvenient cravings.

And by inconvenient craving, I mean more like a constant urge until the day arrives that I can afford to walk into Bergdorf Goodman and buy everything.

Literally, ev-ery-thing.

But until then, there’s Polyvore.

And I love you for it.

Scroll through and click on each of my following sets for Spring 2016 to understand why….


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