Links To Love….

Here you will find links to all my personal favorites.  From my salon of choice, to brands I cant live without.

A Database of Links From All Posts

MAC Cosmetics

Free People

e’Lan Salon

2 thoughts on “Links To Love….

  1. So happy to call you my friend, and pleased to have the fun of maintaining your trademark bombshell blonde. I love your website. There is a bombshell somewhere in the heart of most women blonde or no….. I am inspired by your confidence, emboldened with your encouragement and secretly pleased to know I had just a tiny part in helping you to this place, even if it was just encouraging words and my ability to do blonde hair. Love ya, Lisa

    1. You had a HUGE part in this. And get ready, my friend- this is just the beginning. And I’m taking you and e’Lan with me every step of the way! Its because of not only your talent, but your friendship that I have finally found my identity. I’m proud of who I am. Of what I am. And that’s not something I was always able to say. I love you!

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