Hats Off To Fall

Liberata Dolce fall fashion blogger 2015 style setter street style accessories hats fedora Lanvin

Oh.  My.  God.

Its here.

And by “it”, I mean Fall.  Today is officially the first day of my absolute favorite season.  And no- its not for the pumpkin spice lattes either.  Personally I think they’re overrated (and gross).  Yeah, I said it.  Feel free to direct any hate mail to NoOneCares@EspeciallyMe.com.

But here’s why I DO love it:  chilly nights, the changing of leaves, fires, sweaters, hot apple cider (spiked, please), scarves, and the return of layering.  And really, the return of ALL accessories.  From gloves to hats, your style options nearly double thanks to the cooler temps.

Which brings me to my current obsession-


I’m also comfortable enough to admit to you guys that this wasn’t always a trend that I was on board with.  I thought every hat looked “stupid” on me.  Seriously.  So much so that I refused to even try them on in public.  Now don’t get me wrong- some still do.  I will never pull off a baseball cap (and I’m not all that said about it either).  But something happened recently.  Something amazing.  Something so sinfully good I can feel myself biting my lip as I type this.

What happened was….

I stopped giving a shit about what anyone else thought.

And I put on a hat.  Except I didn’t just throw it on, while I breezed out my door with that kind of effortless grace that makes you think of Audrey Hepburn.  No, child.  But I applaud those that can.

Instead, I looked at the things I didn’t like when I had on a hat on.  Because as it would turn out, it really wasn’t the hat at all.  It never was.  It was everything around it- my hair, my neckline, even my lip color.  So basically, I learned how to frame it.  I learned that a wide brimmed fedora is everything.  And that I like my hats cocked to one side, and slightly over one eye.  That I like to pull my hair into a big, messy sideknot.  That I like a bright, dramatic lip so it pops next to the dark fabric.  And that I LOVE pairing a hat with a giant scarf.

Here’s a look at #WhatIWoreToday

Hat by ALDO, Franchetti in black ($35).

liberata dolce fall fashion 2015 blogger style fedora hat NYFW aldo accessories street style

And I can tell you that with this look, I get this unique feeling that’s somewhere between “badass” and “glamour queen”.  I feel mysterious.  I feel confident.

I feel…. put together.

Like a hat was that one final accessory my wardrobe has been looking screaming for.  An added element of style expression that can single handedly change the entire tone of one single outfit.

For more style inspiration and looks to try click HERE.

So whether you’re a dedicated hat fan, or new to the game entirely, this is THE season to step outside your comfort zones and take a few fashion risks.  For example-

Go oversized and low…

liberata dolce blogger style fall fashion 2015 accessories lanvin

Shooting for a casual look?  Go neutral and chic and pair with flares….

liberata dolce blogger style fall fashion 2015 accessories flares casual

Prefer bold and dramatic?  Me too.  Than monochromatic maroon is all you, sugar…

liberata dolce blogger style fall fashion 2015 accessories hats monochrome vogue

Or maybe you’re not into the fedora look in general.  Don’t worry- I got you.  Because knit textures are just as playful and daring.  Plus, they give off that kind of effortless vibe that begs to be paired with long, loose waves and skinny jeans…

liberata dolce blogger style fall fashion 2015 accessories hats knit street style liberata dolce blogger style fall fashion 2015 accessories hats knit street style

Regardless of your preference, my last word of advice is this-

Try them all.  At least once.

  And you just might surprise yourself…

I know I did.



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