FASHION- What It Means To Me

Liberata Dolce Summer Fashion Bombshell Model Bohemian


It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Now, we cant be perfect.  But we can sure as hell be on point.

Few things leave a Bombshell begging for more quite like this one very word- “Fashion“.

Whether its iconic, expressive, shocking or trendy, style is the first visible attribute about you that defines you…. whether you like it or not.

And we just so happen to LOVE it.

Because every day is a fashion show, and the world just so happens to be our own little runway.

We don’t wear trends.  We START them.  And the key to killer style is a combination of knowing what works, and slightly exaggerating it.

For starters, I recommend you check my Pinterest Board.  It is THE source for inspirational outfits, pinned together by look.  From Bohemian to Chic, it’s all there, filled with outfits so gorgeous they’ll bring tears to your smokey eyes.  Also included are boards for styling ideas, unique jewelry concepts and hairstyles.

And for my model friends, you’ll find boards filled with inspiring images and unique styles for your next shoot.  Don’t have one planned?  Line up a TF shoot and get to work practicing.  As fabulous as you already are (and I know you are- you’re here) a little effort separating yourself from the rest will go a long way.

Basic bitches NOT wanted.

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