Fall Fashion Guide 1- Accessories

Liberata Dolce fall fashion trends 2015 accessories fendi

If Fashion Week taught us anything about Fall, it’s that its ALL about accessories this year.

Can I get an “Amen”?!

Liberata Dolce fall fashion trends 2015 accessories fendi

You see, I’m a Southern girl now who will put any Northerner’s bohemian game to shame during the summer season.  But I will admit there is nothing I miss more than a gorgeous fall day- AND the ability to layer rich sweaters with fabulous coats.  But I cant do that now.  At least, not without looking completely ridiculous and risking heat stroke.

So accessories are the only way I get to play this season.

And.  They.  Are.  MAJOR.

Beginning with colors, the winners for this season were a mixture of classic Fall staples, combined with new unexpected brighter hues.  Marsala wine was a common site at Paris Fashion Week in Sept, mixed with jewel-like tones of coral and aqua to name a few.  It is the perfect palate to transition from Summer’s natural/earthy tones and into Winter’s undoubtedly darker collection.

liberata dolce fall fashion accessories 2015 paris fashion week

 So what can you start splurging on now?  Here’s the amazing part- pretty much anything and everything is fair game.  Designers from Celiné to Lanvin all made dramatic statements with pretty much every type of accessory, with the key being to OVER-emphasize them.  The bigger and more fabulously exaggerated, the better.  Who can be mad at that??

celine fall fashion accessories paris fashion week 2015                  Lanvin fall fashion 2015 paris liberata dolce

Get it?  Got it?  Good.

Moving on…

More amazing news?  You don’t need to give up your fringe just yet.  Gypsy souls rejoice!  We still have one last season to make our favorite free spirit statement.

Balmain, Nina Ricci and Emilio Pucci were among many that kept the bohemian energy alive in their collections.

liberata dolce fall fashion accessories 2015 Balmain liberata Dolce fall fashion accessories paris fashion week Nina Ricci fall fashion 2015 accessories paris fashion week

Now here’s something you probably DIDN’T expect to see-


For women AND men.  Pinned boldly on everything from shirts, to shoes, to hair (and I thought I was the only one known to do that…).  Chanel and Gucci were the front runners with this statement, with special mention to Louis Vuitton for boldly going where I’m sure many men have not yet gone before.

Liberata Dolce fall fashion 2015 accessory paris fashion week louis vuitton

 Liberata Dolce fall fashion accessories paris fashion week 2015

And here’s a tip- you don’t need to spend a fortune to nail this look.  This is probably the easiest, and cheapest trend to master.  Two words- Thrift.  Store.  They are jam packed with some of the biggest, gaudiest brooches you’ve seen since your Grandma last sported one (don’t forget to raid her collection too!).

And finally, lets all pause to appreciate me favorite trend this season…  The sexiest, game killing accessory that hit the runways in September…

Second-skin Thigh High Boots.

And Dior KILLED it, pictured below, unleashing what were described as the “most desirable shoes of the season”.

Liberata Dolce fall fashion 2015 christain dior paris fashion week                          Liberata Dolce Christian Dior fall fashion accessories paris fashion week 2015

Now, considering its still only July, I don’t want you to get too depressed thinking about Fall.  There’s still plenty of time left to spend in your bikini, soaking up the sun, and maybe a few margaritas.  But we at least covered some basics to keep you on the prowl during your next shopping binge.  Listed below is the link to my Fall Accessory board, which includes many more amazing looks to absolutely fall in love with.  Just WAIT will you see the Bird of Paradise clutch from Fendi.

No, seriously.  I would risk my life, and potentially 5 of my friends, for that bag.

Fall Fashion Guide 1- Accessories

Now go enjoy that margarita.  Relax with a few magazines.  And remember…

“Style is something each of us already has- we just have to find it”.





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