BTS With Lorraine Castle

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What started as a simple collaboration between two local artists….

 …would ultimately turn into a published adventure.

Liberata Dolce model prolific quarterly editorial ethereal beach bohemian festival fashion style coachella

I first met Lorraine back in September.  Having just relocated here, she was anxious to dive back into her first love and natural given talent- photography.  And after just one look at her prior work, I was happy to help in any way I could.  Together, we decided that a beach shoot made the most sense.  Bohemian, natural, fashion forward…basically, everything I love.  And living by the beach year round, it should be noted that bohemian is more than just a passing trend.  Here, its a lifestyle.  An attitude.  Both of which I LOVE to shoot, as it speaks easily to my natural born gypsy soul.

Fast forward to a very unnaturally cold day in October.  Remember- this is Florida.  Anything below 70 is considered miserable.  But not only were we dealing with chilly temps, but the wind was flat out unbearable.  Especially for a shoot.  For instance: blonde hair + red lip gloss + high winds = I. Cant. Even.

Unless you want to miss out on shooting one of the most beautiful series, thanks in part TO the wind.

We sure as hell didn’t.

So we powered on.  And thanks to Lorraine Castle, made editorial magic on a less than magical day.

Now, because I’m a straight up hustler when it comes to achieving my goals in life, I decided to take our work one step further.  Lorraine’s work was too beautiful not to.  And so I took a chance with a publication that had featured some work of mine before- Prolific Quarterly.  But I wanted more out of the experience than just to simply be published- that goal had already been achieved long ago.  No, darling, I wanted more.  I wanted to WRITE.  More specifically, I wanted to make a new impact in this industry that would help me advance to the next level.  I wanted to piece together an editorial, where I could write about fashion, that would feature my photos.  Its kinda like having your cake, and eating it too.

And Lorraine could not have been more supportive.  Because without her hard work and dedication to the project, there simply would be no cake.  Or in this case, editorial.  We narrowed down shots, choosing ones that made sense for the content of the article, while showcasing her talent.  She edited.  I wrote.  And together, created a beautiful editorial that was published in Prolific Quarterly’s Winter Edition.  8 glossy pages that contained so much more than the words and pictures printed on them.  Like late nights, freezing temperatures, wardrobe malfunctions, hurricane strength winds, strained eyes, short deadlines…. but above all of that- PASSION.  And the belief that is was ALL going to be worth it.

And it was.

So thank you, Lorraine Castle- your professionalism and dedication are the reasons many of us strive to work with talented artists such as yourself.  Because you help restore the passion and respect in this sometimes questionable industry.

Included is a gallery of some BTS shots, many of which never made it to print, but still command the attention and appreciation of Lorraine’s work.

For more info on Lorraine Castle, or to book YOUR shoot,  CLICK HERE.

I hope you all love them as much as I do-

Until next time, Dolls…

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