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Free People for the Gypsy Soul

As I’m sure we’re all aware of by now- I’m a free spirit at heart.  A self-proclaimed Bohemian Bombshell.

There is nothing I love more than a whimsical summer dress.  One that reveals just the right amount of skin to be sexy, yet covers the right amount to still be worn in public.  The deeper the plunge, the barer the back, the better.  If the material is sheer enough that a equally stunning slip is required, I’m in festival fashion nirvana.

Maybe its my love of music.  Maybe its my hippie roots.  But there is no other style I connect with more.

I feel girlie.  I feel sexy.  I feel… free.

And as a result, there is no brand I love more than Free People.

Liberata Dolce Model Bombshell Bohemian Boho Chic Gypsy Soul Coachella Fashion Beach Blogger Stylist ethereal

Look Into The Sun Maxi, $98

I recently teamed up with David John Lantrip to capture some of my favorite pieces this summer.  Each one radiates that iconic Free People feel with material so perfectly draped and flows so effortlessly, its hard not to spend your day twirling in circles on a beach.  Though I might encourage you to throw on some Milky Chance and try it for at least a minute or two.

Here’s why-

free people maxi dress bohemian boho festival fashion style

To me, fashion should be an extension of your personality.  Another way to express who you are.  And just like your mood, you have the right to change that look, or vibe, anytime you like.  At least, thats my excuse for why I have so many clothes.  I have never once been that person who was able to decide what I wanted to wear the night before.  Although I envy people that can- they must save themselves SO much time.  But the fact is, I dress according to my mood.  Or to change my mood entirely.

Wait- what?

That’s right.  For instance, lets say I wake up one morning, and I feel…. less than enthusiastic about the day to come.  Maybe I’m stressed.  Maybe I just broke up with someone.  Maybe I don’t even need a reason.  Because I’m a female.  Now think about what you might feel like wearing.  I bet leggings, a messy topknot and a giant scarf sound pretty damn good right now?


Because being basic is the LAST thing that’s going to help you counteract everything the world is going to throw at you today.

So girl, you better walk your cute ass to the closet, pick out the brightest dress you have, along with the highest heels you own.  Wear your most expensive lingerie.  And attack this world with the best attitude you can summon while applying the perfect baby pink pout.

I challenge any of you to try this trick the next time you feel down.

And I’ll just go ahead and say it now- You’re welcome.

Now back to my original point…

You see, people make the mistake of dressing for the wrong reasons.  And its usually for OTHER people.  If you think you might be on of these individuals, please stop.  Now.  Because the truth is, no one that dresses for others can ever be confident with themselves.  I don’t care if you’re a beacon of the RTW Fall 2015 Balmain ollection.  It will never work unless you’re wearing it for YOU.  And only you.

Which is why I connect so strongly with Free People.  Every time I slip into one of their pieces, I feel like I’m gearing up for Coachella all over again.  I feel calm.  I feel natural.  I feel feminine.

I feel beautiful.

And because of the neutral tones of their collections, there is literally no limit when it comes to accessorizing.  Though I will admit, I’m an accessory junkie.  And I have the stash to prove it.  So if you’re sporting a plunging neckline, then attention should be drawn to it.  (#BombshellCode) With layers of long delicate chains, carefully hanging at just the right lengths so each charm/pendant gets the admiration they deserve.

Liberata Dolce bohemian fashion coachella style Boho bohemian fashion

Or perhaps your dress is backless?  Simply take those same necklaces, but flip them backwards.  Or choose just one- preferably something big, bold and bright.  Its an unexpected pop of color to highlight (and emphasize) one of the most underplayed, yet sexiest parts of your body.

liberata dolce bohemian fashion model bombshell coachella festival style free people gypsy soul accessories Liberata Dolce bohemian fashion coachella style gypsy soul free people model bombshell accessories

Perhaps you want to go the minimalist route?  That’s okay too.  This is where unique pieces come in.  Like arm cuffs and hand jewelry- these are all brilliant examples of individual pieces that often get lost unless they’re worn alone.

Liberata Dolce bohemian fashion

Maybe hats are your thing?  Good.  And if they’re not, make them your thing.  Like, yesterday.  And remember- the bigger, the better.  Free People’s Ranchero Matador Hat (pictured on the right) is everything.

free people hat bohemian fashion accessories boho gypsy soul coachella style festival free people matador hat coachella festival fashion style bohemian boho gypsy soul

And dare we forget about bags?


Keep the bohemian vibe going with leather.  Fringe will add extra drama.  Plus, if you’re not into large bags, these will give the illusion of one without the extra bulk.  And here’s a special treat for my fellow equestrian friends: this particular bag from Horse & Nail even features a two tone snaffle bit.

It.  Is.  Perfection

horse and nail altair hobo fringe bag free people bohemian fashion boho coachella style festival accessories

Horse & Nail Altair Hobo at Free People, $890

So your maxi carried you through the day, but can it pack the same punch at night?  You bet your sun-kissed cheeks it can.  With a simple attitude shift with your accessories, you’ll go from flat out Boho to Boho-Chic.   And trading your Hobo bag in for a compact clutch is the first step.  This particular one from St. Xavier is like Alexander McQueen at the beach- it couldn’t be more perfect if it tried.

st. xavier zane ii clutch free people bohemian boho coachella festival style fashion liberata dolce blogger

St. Xavier Zane Il Clutch for Free People, $98 (available in Gold or Silver)

And finally, lets talk about those locks.  Thanks to a day of ocean air, you now have been blessed with hair so filled with body and beachwaves that even the most skilled stylist couldn’t duplicate.  You smell like sunshine and salt and the last thing you want to do is ruin it.  And you don’t need to.  Simply pin back enough strands to keep your hair long and loose using a few bobby pins.  Adorned or plain, there have never been so many creative options-

Bohemian fashion boho festival style coachella free people

And by the way, I think this is the perfect time to talk about the latest trend for fall.  One that I, for one, am already a HUGE fan of.  Introducing the “Hun”.  The half up, half down bun.

Go ahead and try not to fall in love with this look….

bohemian fashion festival boho coachella hun hair trends free people

So in the end, the key to true bohemian style is simple.  Literally.  Its effortless.  Comfortable.  Confident.

THAT is what makes it so damn sexy.

Because Bohemian isn’t a trend.  Or even really a style.

Its a state of mind.

So while the festival style will come and go as most trends do, true Gypsy Souls will be here to stay.

Probably twirling on a beach somewhere…



Editor’s Note:  Bohemian Baby was shot on location in Sarasota, Florida at Lido Beach.

Photographer- David John Lantrip

Model- Liberata Dolce

Wardrobe- Free People

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