Ever wonder what really goes on during a shoot?

Well…. A LOT.

And that’s the beauty of the entire process.  The glossy images you see in a magazine are simply the final result of multiple people coming together for the love of creating of one thing…


Weeks, sometimes months, are spent collaborating between artists, with each one adding their own signature touch into one project.  From the photographer, to the model, to the stylist, to the makeup artist- each one comes on board with an idea in their head.  And when those ideas are blended, and each unique stamp is left, the end result is nothing short of art.

A single image represents multiple angles from each contributor’s personal perspective.  And the goal is simply to blend those perspectives into perfect visual harmony.

So below is my collection of Behind The Scene shots, which exposes a little bit of the creative process, and the people behind it.  Grouped by shoot, it shows a candid side of the artists involved while they bring their most creative dreams to life.

June 17, 2016

Model:  Liberata Dolce

Photographer:  Lionel Noah

MUAH:  Corrine Dale

Stylist:  Liberata Dolce

Shot at Fort Desoto on probably one of the hottest days of summer, we had a number of challenges against us.  But Corrine Dale worked her magic and delivered with hair and makeup.  Dreads were added by extensions, and her “whimsical bohemian” dream came to life.  As for wardrobe, vintage was the only way to go with this concept.  I combed local thrift stores for weeks, carefully selecting each piece to set the proper tone in each look.  And knowing whatever I wore would be as good as ruined, I used it to my advantage, and customized each piece by adding deep plunges, or cutting straps where necessary.

June 13, 2016

Model:  Ellie Di Virgilio

Photographer:  Joshua Paull

MUAH:  Ashley Mortimer

Stylist:  Liberata Dolce

A behind the scenes look of some of the wardrobe selected for an editorial piece to be featured in Prolific Quarterly’s upcoming Summer Edition (release date TBD).  A classic studio setting, this shoot was geared towards high fashion in high temperatures.  I kept the looks glam and imagined a chic Miami vibe, while Ashley brought out that old school Hollywood glam with big hair and big eyes.  Essentially, you got the best of BOTH coasts.